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Drop In

Yoga Class

Not all online yoga classes are the same. Super Seed online classes are created to bring the studio experience to you.


Bring the yoga studio into your home.

No membership required.

A Super Seed online yoga class is always a live guided practice, in line with what you expect from a studio class. Verbal instructions are intentionally delivered to honour the traditional 26/2 practice from the Ghosh Yoga lineage and may also include salutes and breathing techniques. Led by Beth Davis or Giselle Meagher, all you need to do is set up your space, as hot as you like, and allow yourself to be present.



$5 for non members

FREE with a Super Seed Yoga Membership

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If you enjoy the drop-in classes and would like to receive additional resources, on demand classes, instructional videos and access to special workshops, consider signing up for a membership. Super Seed members receive unlimited access to all drop-in classes, and so much more!

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