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Giselle Meagher 


Giselle Meagher is a three-time USA Yoga state champion (California 2018 and 2019, Pennsylvania 2017). She is currently completing her 500-hour teacher training with Esak Garcia, a two-year program for the advanced Ghosh lineage. Giselle’s other 200-hour teacher trainings are from Mahesh Chandra, at the Abhinja School of Yoga in Kerala, India, for the Ashtanga Vinyasa primary sequence, and from Lara Alexiou at Steamtown Hot Yoga in Scranton, Pennsylvania, for the traditional “26 & 2” sequence. She has also been certified by Jimmy Barkan for the level 2-3 Barkan Method.

Born in Livorno, Italy, Giselle now lives in the California desert, where she studies with Kim Tang. For many years, Giselle has also been a student of ayurvedic medicine and yoga philosophy.


“From darkness to light? More like darkness is light.

 You know my story. My story is your story. You know it’s not one story because it's many stories, of the deaths and rebirths, of the idea we have of ourselves, of beliefs and agreements we made with others and with ourselves in our mind and even in our subconscious.

It’s a story about love because all stories of creations are love stories.

A story of becoming and stepping into. A story of search for knowledge, search for truth. The story is a journey, the journey of infinite paths to the same destination. It’s a story about discovering and most especially remembering who we are, born perfect and divine. Scared by events and situations, by our own reactions to outside sources that we have no control over. Blinded by our own impressions. And so it’s a story of forgiveness, about acceptance and compassion – for the good, the bad and the ugly are all equally the same.

Yes, I am a good Bad Girl. 

Because emotions are just energy in motion, energy is not good or bad. It can be dark or light, high or low, but it's just energy all the same. And so I move and I experience myself as energy in motion, as space in space. We are one with nature and nature moves, air moves, even the planet moves. When I move you move!”


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You are a gift to my practice, and more important, to the world."



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