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Yoga Consultation

Did you know that before yoga went mainstream it was practiced one-on-one?

Aspirant yogis would live for long periods with their Master. This was to insure the proper transmission of tradition, knowledge and experience.


There are undeniable benefits to practicing in a class setting. But a private one-on-one session allows you to go farther into your practice and expand your self-knowledge. 

Private sessions cultivate a deeper connection to your practice, whether asana, pranayama or meditation. They also allow for deeper connection to your intention.

So consider joining us for our one-on-one sessions. They will help you become a more focused, aware and deliberate creator – on and off the mat.

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Alison Henry

Beth is fantastic in a One on One setting! She uses her intuition and loving nature to guide you through movements of your spine. She's open to whatever comes up, and can help you with your injuries or broken heart, by offering up a safe and loving space for you to find healing within yourself. My daughter progressed so much with only one session, I cant wait to see what happens next.