We know from exercise that the more you do, generally the more benefits you get, and yoga is no different. Practicing once a week is good. Practicing three to four times per week would be better, and cultivating a daily practice would be ideal. Keep in mind that even 1 minute spent in practice can be enough to reset your outlook. 

Practicing yoga gives you time to focus on your breathing, which, in turn, allows you to be present. Being in the present moment gives you the opportunity to reset your system.

A 1-hour yoga class will increase your blood flow, get your oxygen moving, and, get any stuck parts of your body unstuck.

If you commit to a regular yoga practice, depending on the class you take, your flexibility will improve over time, leading to fewer injuries, and you will experience toning in all of your muscles. You can look forward to a stronger core which leads to less back pain.

If you practice several times a week, you will see longer-lasting benefits, such as better range of motion and flexibility, reduction in stress over sustained periods of time, and better posture, to name a few. 

Super seed recommends getting on your mat at least one day a week to become familiar with your body and aware of how you feel after practice versus before practice — which can become a powerful motivator to practice more often.

Yoga is a lifelong practice, it’s the mind-body connection and awareness that make a yoga practice powerful, beneficial, and sustainable.”