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3 Surprising Reasons Why Adults Can Benefit From Kids Meditations

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As an author, and Mom, I’ve read to and hosted storytimes to hundreds of kids over the years. And there’s something magical that happens: when kids are engaged and paying attention, their bodies stop wiggling. It’s true! The imagination can override the body’s need to move energy and it’s a beautiful thing.

I’ve taken this observation and used it to write intentional storytime meditations for kids. Meditations that move the energy OUT of the body first, to then allow for a guided sensory journey to create stillness through stimulating the imagination. I’m learning that there are actually three reasons why adults might just need this style of meditation more than the little people I’m writing them for.


1. Technology use is making our natural technology less effective. Have you ever heard of the pineal gland? It’s a powerful little thing up in our brains between our eyebrows that is the epicentre of intuition and imagination. When we as adults sit behind screens all day, this little guy doesn’t have to do much. And like anything, you use it or lose it, so to speak. Engaging in a focused ten to fifteen minute sensory meditation allows the pineal gland to do what it does best: help you deepen your connection to yourself, charge up this organic supercomputer and remind you that your imagination can create rich, powerful and meaningful images.

2. Simplicity makes room for mastery. How many of you have struggled to calm down the monkey in your mind while sitting in lotus position and wind up getting frustrated? (My hand goes up!). When I write kids meditations, I want them to see the monkey jumping, and learn how to get that monkey to jump on the couch, then the table, and then the trampoline. This strategy eventually leads to being able to show the monkey to his bed to lie down comfortably and rest. It’s a step-by-step process that takes practice. When it’s broken down into a straightforward form, kids and adults will have more confidence, more success and a greater likelihood of meditating more often and also enjoying the experience! 

3. Adults have an inner child that needs just as much love an attention as the kids we care for in our families. When was the last time you played? Laughed until your stomach hurt? Saw something extraordinary in something ordinary? Giving yourself permission to engage in a story that is so different than what you’d pick up in a book or movie is exciting! Yes, we all have responsibilities. But we also have a responsibility to our inner child to bring joy into our life. And let’s be honest, when was the last time a guided meditation on a meditation app made you smile from the inside out?

The benefits of meditation can be found in emptying the mind, as much as it can in filling it with a rich and guided imaginative experience. The Storytime Meditations I write and lead every Saturday morning at Super Seed Yoga offer a unique experience for beginners and experts alike. It is a safe and fun place for kids of all ages to learn about spirit animals, elementals, the basics of energy mastery and to learn new tools to navigate emotions.

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Written by Shawna Robertson

Founder of, Everyday Icing