Lessons from the Mat - How Yoga Can Make Sense of your Pandemic Job Search

#covid19job #mindfulness #motivation #personaldevelopment #superseedyoga Feb 09, 2021

Like many high achievers I have a somewhat addictive personality. Although chocolate is sometimes a solution I most often turn to yoga as it leaves me feeling energized vs guilty. 

The uncertainty of the last year has been stressful for many and I can totally relate. I’ve now been unemployed for almost a year. Needless to say I have more time than ever to dedicate to my yoga practice.

In January I embarked on a journey with Higher Landing a career transformation company that leads clients through a self discovery process, connecting your abilities with your passions.  In self reflecting this week I’ve come to realize the lessons I’ve learned from yoga may also help others who are on their own journey to their next professional opportunity.

  1. Create space for change-break down not only old scar tissue but beliefs or experiences that no longer serve you. Be open to transferring your existing skills to another sector.
  2.  Be present – if your mind is wandering your balancing postures will be impacted.  With respect to your career search - looking back often will often leave you with regret, looking forward with anxiety. Focus simply on what you can do today to get closer to your goal. Honor your daily accomplishments.
  3.  Be still- get into the posture then stop fidgeting. Make time every day to do absolutely nothing – don’t check the job boards, don’t scroll LinkedIn – just be. Sometimes making time for quiet will bring great subconscious revelations – the perfect resume accomplishment or a new transferable skill. You often know the answer but you are creating so many distractions you can no longer hear yourself.
  4. Fail- fall on your face, get rejected, reach out to people on LinkedIn in companies you’re interested in even if you get ignored. Our greatest success is realized by continuously trying.
  5. Finally breathe. In a time filled with uncertainty our breathe is always the one thing we can control. Inhale opportunity, exhale self doubt.

If you haven’t tried yoga but think it’s something you’d like to explore during your transition check out Superseed Yoga – you’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.


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A regular yoga practice can really help align your thoughts during this difficult pandemic job search