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Spring Cleaning for your Body

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Happy Spring

Spring cleaning for your body…it’s not the first thing you think about when spring arrives. For most of us, Spring means cleaning our homes and getting rid of all the things we didn’t use over the past year. 

The days are getting longer and we are starting to see new beginnings – buds on the trees, plants peaking out of the ground, and more birds singing in the morning. It’s the perfect time to do a good cleaning on our living spaces, offices & cars. 

But what if you did a Spring cleaning on yourself? Your mind, body and soul so you can start a new season feeling better mentally, physically and spiritually?

5 Tips - Spring Cleaning for your Body


If you’re like me, I eat a lot of soups, stews, and heavy, dense warm food. Spring is a time to start eating more fresh food like asparagus, spring onions, artichokes and even fiddleheads.  Spring is also a good time start incorporating leafy greens back into your diet such as arugula, spinach, and romaine lettuce.


I’m hit and miss when it comes to winter activities. I love skating, downhill skiing and sledding, as long as it’s not too cold. As the weather warms up, Spring is a great time to get outside and go for walks or hikes, dust off the bike or just dig in the garden. Wherever you are, just enjoy the sun on your face and know that you’re being grounded as you.


Spring is about new beginnings and might be the best time to try something new. Maybe it’s a new activity or sport, or maybe learning something that’s always interested you. Your mind may have felt dormant over the winter months, so learning a new activity or doing something you haven’t done in a long time can help motivate and stimulate your mind. 


Clutter in the house can lead to a cluttered mind. Every year I feel the need to declutter and deep clean the house. If the entire house feels overwhelming, just tackle one room at a time. Not only does your space get cleaned, it feels good to purge and have less clutter in your home.


I know over the past year it has not been easy to connect with family and friends. As we move into Spring and the restrictions of COVID-19 lessen, we are able to be outside and meet up with people again. Take advantage of being outside and seeing your family and friends if possible. Maybe even reconnect with yourself through meditation, quiet reflection, and journaling. 

Spring Themed Yoga Class

Join me for this Spring themed yoga class with poses that will help you twist and cleanse your digestive and nervous system, allow you to ground and connect as the new season unfolds.



Written by Corinne Sato