What do cards have to do with yoga?

#collective #connection #healing #intuitive #mindfulness #motivation #onlineyoga #superseedyoga #virtualcommunity #yoga Feb 20, 2021

As an intuitive healer, Kim Nield feels her purpose is to help you identify and overcome any blockages that stand in the way of you achieving your higher calling.

Together, with you, she is striving towards Enlightenment, using various tools such as Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Runes and Channeled Messages.

Kim says, "We often look for answers outside of ourselves. But what if I told you, you already have the answers within you? We are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for." Kim is here to help you embrace who you are. Truly and completely.

"Let’s get you back in touch with your beautiful self! To heal, is to love ourselves. Whether this be a situation that is present in your day to day life, or a source of pain buried deep within your subconscious… Any source of resistance energy can stand in the way of you and your deepest desires. I welcome you to step out of your own way and allow yourself to experience this wonderful gift of intuitive healing."

Super Seed Yoga is a Digital Collective of yoga teachers and students. Kim offers sessions every Monday at 11:30am pst. Catch her session and 50+ more options weekly for a $25/month contribution. All new trials get 30 days free.