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I started practicing yoga at the age of 15 with my mom in my home country France, and I immediately fell in love with this transformative practice, that allowed me to find my safe space within myself during stressful times in high school. At the age of 19 I completed my first 200h Vinyasa and Yin Yoga teacher training in Vienna, Austria where I’m currently living. In the same way that there’s no yin without a yang and no yang without a yin, it is crucial to me to have both a vinyasa and a yin yoga and meditation practice, as it allows me to balance my body, mind and spirit. For me yoga goes beyond the practice, it is a lifestyle that I live on and off the mat. In my classes I encourage my students to be their own teacher and listen to their body, as they know best what they currently need.


"To me yoga is a sense of coming home to myself and realizing that the support I seek lies deeply within me. Yoga is not just a practice it’s a lifestyle that I live on and off my mat."

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"Super Seed yoga collective is an incredible platform that allows me to connect with beautiful people in different time zones all around the world, and share my passion for yoga. I love the idea to have such a big variety of classes, where the students can choose from and find what works best for THEM."


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"You will feel so connected with mind and body that is just too difficult to explain with words. She is an inspiring human being with an inner peace that will flow inside you during the whole class and long after the class is over. Teaching yoga is an art and Caroline, is for sure, an artist."

~ Elena Marin

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