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Join the Live Sessions, June 9th, 16th, 23rd, 7pm pst for an opportunity to participate in the Q&A with Shawna Robinson


Watch the recordings and move through the material at your own pace. Your registration provides you lifetime access to the course content where you will find all the course material, additional learning resources and a forum where you can add questions and comments and connect with others participating in this course.

Personal Energy Mastery is a series of three, 90-minute sessions designed to inform, inspire and empower you through a greater awareness of the energy that surrounds you. Each course builds on the previous one and combines practical information, with daily rituals and tools, that you can work with immediately.

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Learn what messages are available to us when we connect with the energies of the animal world. These spirit animal meditations have been intentionally written to allow kids to exercise their imaginations in a precise and guided way to learn how to focus their thoughts. Rich descriptions engage all five senses, and movement is built into the beginning and end of each meditation to allow for energy to flow. 

Meditation with kids can be fun, and these Spirit Animal series are also visually rich to keep their focus. It’s the perfect way to introduce your kids to a mindful practice while going on little journeys with animal messengers.

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Ensuring you have a healthy spine makes sense, when you think about it, because your spine is the key to holding your entire body together. Your spine holds you upright and is responsible for sending messages to and from the brain to your whole body

Aside from the reduction in chances of pain and injury, maintaining a healthy spine is crucial to good health and well being. This course will teach you techniques to take over your autonomic nervous system. Teach yourself how to respond to stress while creating more freedom of movement in your body.

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Yoga Nidra & Pranayama

8 month program

(start anytime, move at your own pace, self-led)

I hear from people daily about their struggle to get enough rest consistently, and the persistent difficulty in actually being able to relax even when there is space to do so. We share a common burning desire to live life with more ease, to have more access to high quality energy, and a deep longing to be seen and understood in our struggle.

The yogis have a practice for this. A modern practice based on ancient teachings.

You may have heard of this before ...

Yoga Nidra.


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