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Of the Saints Aparel

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We are showcasing your most beautiful and forgotten parts: your collarbone, your shoulders, your abdomen, your neck, the small of your back, your thighs. With “Of The Saints” collection of yoga apparel, the eternal dilemma of beauty vs practicality is resolved. Disguised in pure glamour, each outfit is surprisingly functional. The one-piece body suits are light in weight, enabling the skin to breathe, while the stenciled cut-outs are designed to reveal the musculature involved in yoga positions, aiding the instructor to determine the accuracy of the moves. We are replacing burdensome yoga wear. Edgy yet timeless, the over-all simplicity and allure is revolutionizing the industry. 


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Vivacious Fox Healing

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No matter where you are on your journey, I am here to help guide you. Combining my gifts of tarot, runes and intuitive healing messages I have helped 100s of clients with my personalized energy readings. I offer you my compassion and support to guide you towards your true purpose and higher calling. Together we can identify the obstacles in your way and the best course of action to overcome these challenges.



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