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Jen began truly embracing the rich philosophy of Yoga after completing her Hatha training at the Sattva School of Yoga in Edmonton, Alberta (led by Rameen Peyrow). Since then she has taught in and around Alberta, The Okanagan, and now resides in Victoria BC where she continues to flush out her understanding of this sacred practice, and herself.

Jen's wish is to foster community by helping others develop the space within their bodies and minds in order to access LOVE. Jen is pursuing a successful career in body work, movement therapy, and massage. She hopes to aid in the liberation of body and mind for each individual.



Striving for balance within all of life's lessons are what keep my motivated in daily practice. Developing consistency within the maintenance of this body and mind are crucial in order to ride the waves of existence. I try to instill this desire in my students. When I'm not practicing physical yoga, I am resting, creating art, playing in the elements of nature, reading, or drinking coffee. 🌱

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“I recommend Super Seed to anyone wishing to embark on the journey of self inquiry from the comforts of home. My only wish in being part of this collective is to share my voice, teachings, and personal discoveries about yoga in a way that harmonizes with the incredibly diverse group of teachers Super Seed offers. This is a community that exists for anyone wishing to experience love and support in their practice, and everyday life.”


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"Jen is an amazing instructor who sincerely and wholeheartedly embraces her craft, she’s a natural talent who has found her calling. She has a warm and inviting personality and a hands on approach to support and guide her students. Not only is she my favorite instructor but a beautiful spirit inside and out!"


- Barb Brown

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