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Vivacious Fox Healing was established in March 2020 with the purpose of helping the collective to achieve a greater level of personal acceptance and understanding. As an intuitive healer, my purpose is to help you identify and overcome any blockages that stand in the way of you achieving your higher calling.

Together, we strive towards Enlightenment. Using various tools such as Tarot Cards, Oracle Cards, Runes and Channeled Messages - VFH strives to offer a different perspective to what you already intuitively know. Instead of asking the question “when will this happen?”, we will bring the power back to YOU. Deciphering the messages offered by the Universal energies, we instead focus on the question “what healing do I need to do, in order to reach this goal?”


"We often look for answers outside of ourselves. But what if I told you, you already have the answers within you? We are far more powerful than we give ourselves credit for. VFH is here to help you embrace who you are. Truly and completely. Let’s get you back in touch with your beautiful self!

To heal, is to love ourselves. Whether this be a situation that is present in your day to day life, or a source of pain buried deep within your subconscious… Any source of resistance energy can stand in the way of you and your deepest desires. I welcome you to step out of your own way and allow yourself to experience this wonderful gift of intuitive healing."

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"I joined the collective in hopes of finding and meeting more like minded people; I have met and connect daily with amazing people!  Super Seed has allowed me to continue teaching with the freedom of scheduling my own times and class types!"


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"To sum up my experience with Kim in just a few sentences is just about impossible. Kim is an honest touch of magic and her fire is your message. She's spot on, straight to the point and has nothing but love and spirit in her heart. Not only does she relay the messages through the cards, she FEELS all of you and works on behalf of Spirit to LOVE all of you!! If you haven't experienced a class with Kim, you haven't truly experiences the gift of intuitive healing" 

- Michelle Casolino 

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