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Lisette is driven by a desire to uplift and empower.  Yoga practice has been a tremendous help to her in overcoming her life challenges related to severe asthma, self-love, pregnancy, weight, confidence, and more.  She completed her 9 week intensive Bikram Yoga Teacher Training in fall of 2011.  Since 2010 Lisette worked full time in yoga studios for almost a decade, attending every style of class and workshop she could with insatiable curiosity and enthusiasm. In her free time she is an avid reader, with a great library of resources for all things yoga. She is a mama to her beautiful 7 year old guru named George, and now pregnant with twins due June 2021! 



"I love sharing my enthusiasm for yoga practice in hopes of helping others feel uplifted and guiding them to connect more deeply with themselves. I admire the integrity of the collective. I am interested in the freedom and challenge of devising my own offering and teaching from home.

Yoga is the oldest most complete form of personal development, encompassing body, mind, spirit. It is a path, a way of life."

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"I love that Super Seed gives people a space to practice yoga in a convenient and affordable manner while also providing abundance to teachers. I would love to create a full time income while being home with my daughter." ♥️


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"Lisette creates a loving and inspiring atmosphere filled with joy. Her warmth, smile and sense of humour make it impossible to not leave her class feeling happy and motivated. Go go go to her classes... your future self thanks you"

- Kelly H

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