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Liz Kirkaldy


Liz has been extremely curious about how food and lifestyle affects our ability to be healthy ever since she was diagnosed with MS in 2005. She knew she needed to make a massive life change. Liz obtained her Nutrition Certification, Nutrition Health Coaching Certification and recently, an advanced Gut Health credential. As a Health Coach Liz supports her clients with changes they want to make or even have to make so that they can become healthier and integrate living well into their lives.

Discovering that our gut is the starting point for pretty much every ailment we endure, is extremely powerful. Liz helps you discover what is in your life that is either helping or hindering your gut health.



Liz lives on beautiful beautiful Vancouver Island with her husband their 2 small children.

"Although my MS has been pretty much non-existent for the past 15 years, I am always growing and searching for more ways to practice wellness. Im passionate about being able to support & guide my clients to do the same on their terms. I takes all people down different paths to allow each individual the space to discover where they need the most support. Through nutrition, home cooking, relationships or spirituality and even your career, you can discover what piece is missing for you to feel your own version of optimal wellness."

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 Gut Health


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Gut Health

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"This special collective space is a virtual sanctuary where we explore mind and body through practice and conversation. Yoga can be a diverse and complex 90 minute asana focussed practice, yoga can also be 10 minutes of gentle breath-work and guided meditation. On this platform with such a diverse group of teachers, you can find both and everything in between. It is just as important to me that my students have a diverse group of teachers to chose from, as it is for myself and my own practice."


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"As a mom of two, in a day and age where life can seem unbalanced, Liz guided, listened and encouraged me to plan, reflect and conquer my goals. I thought our sessions were going to be about nutrition and exercise, but with much patience and guidance she helped me understand there was so much more to the equation. She helped me navigate root causes to specific issues, which led me to empowerment and self love. She understands the scientific methods to healthy lifestyle, but also acknowledges and encourages the importance of mental health."


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