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Marin has been a seeker of truth and happiness from a very early age. This incessant seeking and questioning, coupled with a dysregulated nervous system, sent her into a dark and deep depression for many years, as she struggled with existential angst, an eating disorder, severe anxiety, ADHD, cyclical negative self talk, and impulsive behaviour. 

Experimenting with any style of yoga, teacher, or workshop, she began to open to the philosophy and lifestyle that came along with these studies. It has become her mission to normalize mental health struggles, inspire others to be vulnerable and open, and utilize the power of growing and healing together. A forever student and a humble teacher, Marin is excited to share and grow alongside the Super Seed Collective.


In 2013, Marin stepped into her first yoga teacher training with the Inspired Yoga Institute. It was a year of breaking down to break open and rebuild. Upon completing the 200 hour training, Marin began teaching yoga, spin and boot camps at various studios around Calgary, wrote and published a book about her journey to mental health optimization, and started a life coaching business to teach and inspire others. It became apparent that while she had become masterful in effort and discipline, the art of surrender and slowing down was not something she had learned how to embody. Marin then ventured into completing certifications in Inspired Yoga Insitute’s 300 hour, Yoga Biomechanics, Yin, Yoga Nidra, Myofascial Yoga, Polyvagal Thoery, Yoga Life Coaching, Sound Healing, and soon to complete Numa Somatics (breathwork, body work, altered states of consciousness, etc).
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"I am a big proponent for simplicity, inclusivity and collaboration. These core values support me in making decisions regarding who I create with and what avenues I pursue. Super Seed is a community that abides by these core values and I am thrilled to be a part of it." 


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“ Marin has helped me to become optimistic and hopeful about my life. Instead of dreading the future, I am looking forward to see what it will bring. I have a new found confidence to take control of my life and to make it into whatever I want it to be!"

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