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Collective Buzz

Catalina Ramirez

"Thank you Very much, Mary! Nice, relaxing experience. Loved the combination of breathing and relaxing exercises. 🍃🍂"

Paul Wagner 

"I loved this morning's class! I really liked the flow of the asanas, and the teaching was clear and easy for me to follow. I look forward to joining you again next Wednesday. Thank you, Beth!"

Julie Voth

"I love this class, it’s so relaxing and yet delivers such a yummy stretch. And Sandra has an absolutely lovely voice! A wonderful way to spend Thursday evening. :)"

Raji Gill

"I get my sweat on and I also appreciate the meditation portion."

Kim Mowat

"Thank you Parth for this exhilarating class this morning. I loved how you repeated the patterns so we could get the feel of the movement. I loved how the moves flow together like a big wave. Hope to see you again."

Kandi Kosinski

"What a WONDERFUL class...all the tension melted away! Thank you 💜"

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