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Sandra Escobedo




One of the things Sandra loves most about yoga is the never-stop-learning lifestyle and mentality. Being a goal-oriented explorer of the world, teaching yoga and sharing it's loving benefits with as many people as possible, has become her life mission.

Sandra enjoys a physical challenge and loves to bring "lila" (playfulness and creativity) into her classes. To complement her Vinyasa practice, Sandra also has a passion for teaching all-levels Restorative Yoga to help bring the mind and body to a state of true relaxation. She believes in a balanced lifestyle of energy and rest, and creating freedom of physical expression when on the mat, whether at home, at an airport, on a beach, in a jungle, or in a studio.


"My goal as a yoga teacher is to provide the opportunity for students to allow playfulness onto their mats. Now more than ever, I believe the physical benefits of yoga are secondary to the mind benefits. Laughter IS medicine. Rest IS medicine. And if wobbling out of a tree pose gets you to giggle, or if you accidentally fall asleep in your savasana, I’ve done my job."

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"This special collective space is a virtual sanctuary where we explore mind and body through practice and conversation. Yoga can be a diverse and complex 90 minute asana focussed practice, yoga can also be 10 minutes of gentle breath-work and guided meditation. On this platform with such a diverse group of teachers, you can find both and everything in between. It is just as important to me that my students have a diverse group of teachers to chose from, as it is for myself and my own practice."


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“Sandra is professional but so much fun at the same time. She’s amazing with beginners and makes you feel very comfortable. When I started yoga with Sandra, I couldn’t stop going. I highly recommend her classes!”


- Hope

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